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Bali Sterling Silver
  • How long should I allow for my order to take?
    On standard custom orders allow approximately 14 business days. Rush Swift delivery is available on certain items when payment is made 36 hours upon placing your order.
  • How do I get my Jewelry Bracelet size?
    Using a flexible tape measure, measure the circumference of you're your hand with your thumb tucked under to your palm. Remember to measure your hand and not your wrist.
  • Would I take a bigger ring size for a wide ring?
    To get your size on a ring, keep in mind a wider ring will require a larger normally a half size to one size larger. View different ring sizers.
  • Would you be able to resize Hawaiian Rings & Bracelets?
    A: Yes, Hawaiian Rings and Bracelets can be resized. However, once the item has been completed with engraving, resizing is very expensive.
  • Do you repair jewelry that I purchased else ?
    No, we can only repair the jewelry that had been purchased from us.
  • Would it be possible to change my order once it has been placed?
    An order is processed immediately after it is placed. if the order has been shipped this cannot be changed or cancelled. Order has not been shipped can be changed. 2 hours from order have been placed, order can be cancelled.
  • Is it possible to have an inscription on the inside of my Bali-Sterling-Silver.com bracelet, ring and/or pendant?
    Yes, up to 6characters maximum at no charge after that we will charged, please contact us for more info.
  • What is the conversion from Millimeter to inches?
    1mm=0.039 inches. Take the millimeter size and multiply it by 0.039 inches. example: 8 mm X .039= .312 inches. 10 mm X .039=.30 inches.
  • How much will shipping cost me?
    A: please contact inqury@wonderstarter.com for specific pricing, this changes depending on the country and the USD
  • Can I return the item I ordered?
    All Designs 'and items of Bali-sterling-silver.com can be returned and replaced..
  • I don't want to do a Bank Transfer can I use a credit card ?
    No, we are sorry at the moment we don't accept online payment. Online payment using credit card will be avialble by early 2007.
  • Pricing?
    Bali-Sterling-Silver.com reserves the right to correct any errors made by our webmaster. With or without notice.


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